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Whilst twittering / tweeting / wasting time on twitter (delete as applicable) I came across a group @lids_cw . This is an informal twitter based group of CW and low impact data mode fans in the UK that seem to have their heads screwed on. The idea behind it is that the group encourages general […]

GB4LBC – SOS Radio Week

Its nearly that time of year again when St Bees Lifeboat station becomes a mass of cables and slightly cold and damp radio amateurs. All in the name of SOS Radio Week. The week doesn’t actually start until January but in the interests of being on time I applied for the GB4LBC NoV before Christmas […]

DStar and Digital Networks

If your pockets are deep and your mind open then DStar offers some useful opportunities to connect to other amateurs via a very robust network. I on the other hand am a cheapskate with very shallow pockets and a healthy distrust of proprietary stuff. So how does one get involved in a changing view of […]

Just a quickie

Nice to see that SatNOGS won the hackaday prize this evening. A little sad that PortableSDR didn’t win as well. They both prove that Ham Radio is alive and kicking and has a very well rooted place in the 21st century……As if it was ever in doubt  


I remember reading something about this on the Southgate ARC news a while ago. When I tried to find it I couldn’t. Thanks to I found it again. So what is it. The website has some big ideas on it but, to me it is a homebrew, simple Az El rotator using open source […]

Ouch and PortableSDR

Two things have happened over the last week. The first was that after what must be 10 years I had a decent crash on my mountain bike. Nothing too bad, just a reminder that I’m not 16 any more and that duckboards have 2 parts. One part grippy, one part slippy. The grippy bit is […]

Ever wondered what I&Q are?

I was after a really good explanation of what the I & Q were when talking about SDR. These are better tan anything I could come up with. Thanks W2AEW!


So it works then. Mini WSPR’ing with the U3 on 20m with an indoor 1.5m whip antenna. Who said ham radio needs big stuff.

Echolink node update

Well the node is up and seems to be running reasonably well. The software is reporting distortion on the input but I think that is more to do with the close rf during testing. There are now some isolating transformers and a resistor in series to knock back a bit of signal and it seems […]

AutoCAD files for Ultimate 3

I’ve used AutoCAD for a while (because I had a work licence) but since being promoted I didn’t need CAD software…boooo (I also had an inventor licence but that wasn’t used as much). Anyway, back to the point. I made a couple of front and rear panels for the QRPLabs ultimate 3 WSPR transmitter and […]