As you can no doubt tell, I’m no coder. But \i’ll have a go and have a few little scripts and toys that I’ve cobbled together. Feel free to fork and make useful

Node Red is a way for non coders to join blocks of code and produce IoT type dashboards and applications. It comes as part of the software bundle on a Raspberry Pi and can do some pretty neat things

The SatNOGS dashboard gives me infomration on my two ground stations. I have two at present. A VHF one and a UHF one both are Raspberry Pi 3’s with NooELEC SMArt rtl-sdr dongles. You get reasonable results with the set up and it is not too expensive. The SatNOGS project is a great way to get into observing satellites if you’re looking to get into that kind of thing

GitLab holds my one and only script. This is a simple JSON query that returns similar data to the Node Red Dashboard from the SatNOGS API. The data can be displayed on a Scrollphat HD