The last 8 weeks have seen me focus heavily on my CW with the CW Ops Academy. Around Christmas time I thought about signing up and then got off my back side and applied in early spring. The expectation was that I would be able to join in later on in the year as I’d understood it to be a busy course. Fortunately that was not the case.

So, with 8 weeks of CW laying ahead of me I’ve rather neglected many other things. But it has been worth every bit of effort. The course was run by Keith, G0HKC and had 3 other students. 2 from the UK and the other from Italy. The recommended 30 minutes of daily practice eluded me with all the usual distractions at work and home and I reckon I managed about 20 minutes on average. But even that saw my accuracy in receiving increase as well as the speed I could both receive and send. Additionally I can now head copy reasonably well up to around 20wpm which was impossible beforehand and we’ll above my expectations.

The ‘lessons’ were conducted over Skype twice a week for the full 8 weeks and gave us a chance to talk and compare notes as well as practice together. Keith was an excellent advisor and I will miss the lessons with him and my new CW friends. I have even dabbled in the CWT contests but the speeds are still a little daunting still.

Next up will be the level 3 after some more airtime. Look forward to sharing some slightly better CW from IO84. If you are looking to improve your CW then I can recommend the course entirely.


  • Trevor Baker

    Hi Alex, I’d been thinking about doing something similar. As you say, there are many distractions at home. Maybe I should…

  • Stephen Tolbert

    Hi, after reading your note on I was really inspired to “fix” my code and I registered for the September/October classes on level2. I’m really looking forward to getting started. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Stephen W4TOL

    • Alex

      You won’t be disappointed Stephen. I’ve gone from being inconsistent to almost passable with CW Ops. A great bunch.

  • Kurt

    Hi Alex, Tnx for the CW QSO this week and Eqsl. Normally I’m active during the evenings
    Vy73 Kurt ON4CGW

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