CW Progress

By | July 23, 2015

Over 6 months ago I pretended to myself that I was going to learn CW. Just one QSO and then I can call myself a ‘real ham’.

Well I’ve had that QSO now and it seems reasonable to assume that I’ll have a few more now that I’m helping other local hams to learn CW. None of us are any good. I think I top out the speed tables at about 8-10wpm but now that there are a few more locals ready to take to the airwaves then I’m sure I’ll speed up to the target of 12-15wpm by Christmas.

So what? Well here’s the good news. 2m is as quiet as a mouse round here. Even the repeaters are empty so there’s no need to worry anyone with some troublesome sending.

Thursday nights are on air practice nights. Who knows, one day someone may not be part of the group and a real QSO might happen!

4 thoughts on “CW Progress

    1. Alex Post author

      Oof HF, Now there’s pressure 😉

      Practising on air has been the biggest help

  1. Bill Carter AB9QU

    Way to go. You are doing a lot better then me with your CW. I bet having someone to practice with is a big help.

    1. Alex Post author

      Being on air is by far the best practice. But I still use mp3 practice files and lcwo at lunchtimes at work when I get the chance


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