CW Academy Intermediate

By | March 27, 2017

A little while ago I decided it was time to get a little help with my CW. Whilst I can have a reasonable QSO whilst I’m sat in the shack I tend to make a complete hash of it when /p. The bottom line is that my head copying skills just aren’t there. To try and fix this I enrolled on the CW Academy course for the slightly less than novices (Intermediate). I had expected that I was slated for October but it seems that we’re starting on April 1st! Hope there’s no significance in that.

4 thoughts on “CW Academy Intermediate

  1. Noel

    Met these guys at Dayton last year . They told me their success rate was very high.

    1. Alex Post author

      You might be in a different group Francis. I didn’t see your name in my list. G0HKC is running mine


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