About Me

About Me

Amateur radio has many options. Some like DXing, some contesting. I’m keen on a few different things. Hopefully a few of my projects and activities you’ll find useful.

Over the years I have dipped my toe into a few random things and some more conventional. Here’s a few of my favourites.


I still think there is a lot of use in APRS. Although its usefulness is lessening with increased mobile phone coverage I still carry a handheld APRS rig and run a Raspberry Pi iGate. More about that in the projects section.


So a mountain goat needs 1000 points…I’m a long way off that. But as I live on the western fringes of the Lake District I’m lucky enough to be a short drive from Wasdale, which is where you’ll find me most of the time. Active of 2m FM and SSB as well as HF when the wind isn’t too great. I’m also responsible for some fairly shoddy CW.


I like the idea of CW, my brain just doesn’t always like the practicalities of it. Having the ability to ragchew at 25+wpm isn’t something I’m looking to achieve. You’ll find me on 20m and 40m mainly at speeds below 20wpm, sometimes much lower. I’m in no rush.

Raspberry Pi

I love the Raspberry Pi. This site is hosted on a Raspberry Pi. It’s also my shack computer and a great little tool for doing jobs like hosting my Cloudlog instance. I have a few of them and they are busing doing all sorts of things.

Homebrewing & 3D Printing

Some of my projects actually work. Seriously. From satellite trackers and rigs down to brackets and small PCB’s. I’ll have a go at a few things and generally my cheapo 3D printer is in there somewhere helping along.