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  • Folding Antenna’s Hexbeam

    If you take a look at any of the amateur radio forums you’ll not have to look far before you find one looking for advice on either a rig or antenna. The question is always pretty much the same. I have this much money / space / time (delete as appropriate). Which one should I… Read More »
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  • Cobwebb Antenna

    Which antenna to use is the ultimate question for many. Look on any forum (that has ham radio on it obviously) and there’ll be someone asking a question about which antenna should I use and which one is better than that one. Equally there are a lot of questions about what to fit into which… Read More »
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  • Icom IC7000 Mic Upgrade

    The IC7000 is my rig of choice. I find it very versatile and whilst it has to be a compromise it also has a lot to offer. Unfortunately the mic tends to be something that lets it down.I have had some reports of poor audio in the past and thought that I could do a… Read More »
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  • Argent Data Radio Shield

    Sounds exciting….what is it? Its a thing that sits on an Arduino that does stuff with APRS packets. Nice so whats the thing? Arduino’s have a way of interfacing with each other thats nice a simple. you can stack them on top of each other. So this Argent Data radio Shield is a pcb kit… Read More »
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  • MSFduino – A clock using the MSF 60kHz time signal

    Introduction Why do it? There are many reasons to start a project. If I’m really honest I don’t really know why I decided to do this. I do have a bit of a thing for having accurate time and this looked like a nice thing to get me more involved with Arduino. This is where… Read More »
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