The IC7000 is my rig of choice. I find it very versatile and whilst it has to be a compromise it also has a lot to offer. Unfortunately the mic tends to be something that lets it down.I have had some reports of poor audio in the past and thought that I could do a couple of things to fix it.

1. Buy a new mic
2. Buy an aftermarket mic
3. Fix the one I’ve got

Option 3 works for me as I’m a bit tight. Fortunately there is a simple way of making the mic not only sound better but also at the same time feel better ( with a little cheat). Bob Nagy, AB5N produces a new capsule that fits neatly into the mic and with a small amount of soldering could be completed by anyone with a reasonable ability with an iron.


Opening the mic up is a simple enough task and all the details are available on a video from Bob and if you follow that then there is no need for anything else from me, apart from a few photos.


You do need to be careful opening it up just in case you end up with bits all over the floor and no idea where they came from. Once you’ve separated the two parts and taken away the circuit board I followed the advice and put a bit of weight into the mic. With some weight. from a curtain of all things. Fishing weights or something dense that fits in will do just as good a job. Pack them in well and fill the void with hot melt glue. Part 1 done.

With the circuit board and new parts handy its just a case of following the instructions. Which did I mention were perfect for me, just enough information to let me know what to do and not too much that I spent hours reading stuff I didn’t really need to know.


IMG00032-20100409-2032Replacing all the new components is easy enough so the remaining tasks are opening up the hole in the front of the mic and to (carefully) put the silk and dampening foam into place. As you would expect the hot melt gun is used again and the only advice I can give for this is take your time. Wait for the gun to get to temperature. then wait a bit more. You don’t want half melted glue all over the place because it’ll make the end result unsightly and if it goes over the silk will blind it.


So that’s it all done. Put it all back together. Plug it in and you’re up and running with better audio. Nothing else to add really apart from the link 


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