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Lakeland APRS

The picture on the left, from APRS.fi shows the level of coverage by APRS iGates in Wasdale (A lake district valley that is home to Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain). You can see that the coverage is fairly limited to heights above about 400m. That really isn’t very good. I had walked from the road… Read More »

VHF NFD 2015

The 2015 annual VHF national field day is now officially finished. So what’s the news? Firstly I managed so excellent DX from the comfort of my own shack. DX you say? Yep 3 countries Wow(?)…well yes they were EI,GM and GW so not exactly a long way but DX none the less. Uhh? Well yes,… Read More »

Big vhf haul from IO84em

Its not often I get a bumper crop of contacts on the UKAC series but 2m offers probably the best opportunity. Last weeks 6m contest gave just a handful of contacts but last night 26 contacts that ranged from Perthshire in the north to the south coast. I usually don’t hang about past about 21:30… Read More »

Christmas is coming….

No, I’m not expecting any new radio related ironmongery or a new rig. Especially as this week seems to have cost me a small fortune ( I had to buy a new car but that’s another story). Bust Christmas can give you a little bit extra, time that is. I’ve only planned on doing 2… Read More »