I’m not saying I’m tight but some of the stuff on dealers websites is vastly overpriced.

This is not a shop but every so often I might have a spare thingy. If I do then its yours for minimal cost. Just trying to keep the cost down to where it needs to be for the hobby to be sustainable. Why spend £20 on a toroid in a plastic box?

The list…in no apparent order

A piece of wire and a few connectors should not cost £200. The performance of a commercial antenna is unlikely to be better than one you make yourself with the same parts. There’s no secret sauce here.

Wire is just wire. Sometimes its thicker or slightly stronger or whatever the marginal change might be. Get yourself soem and make your own antennas for a fraction of the cost.

  • SOTABeams wire - Useful lightweight wire. Less than a tenner for 100m. Ignore the super light stuff even if you’re a weight weeny, shaving grams off antennas is of no consequence if I’m carrying 3Kg of water up a summit. The Pico traps are alos nady for you lightweight multiband trapped antenna.

  • QRP Guys - Loads of basic gear that just works. Focus is (as you might image) on low power gear but there are useful tuners and bits and pieces that don’t cost the earth, even if shipping outside the US isn’t exactly encouraged. Avoid the rip off’s on AliExpress, pay the extra £2 and get good quality components

  • Kanga - Some good low priced kit like QRP power meters and tuners.

  • Made by Ian - Custom made panels, I’ve not use them but they look like traffolite labels. I’ve been looking for someone to do this for a while but all the projects I have finished have been boxed up with 3D printed panels to date. I think that will change now.

  • AM Tools - Used to be a regular at teh NARSA rally but not seen them for a while. A great place for well priced stuff. Some of it a bit weird but toroids by the buck load

  • Aerial Parts - Looking to build a CobWebb antenna and need the brackets and stuff? Well here you go. Bits of metal and other things you might need. Shop does more than CobWebb parts byw

  • Ham Goodies - Used to be very competetive but prices moving up to level of other stores.

  • Bitsbox - Loads of components of good quality. Used for years.