The site

Quite a while ago I used to blog quite regularly. Looking back at the content, not much of it was of a lot of value. Some useful stuff but far too much opinion. Quite a few read the blog but I lost interest when I ran out of time to do these things.

I still wanted to keep a website but my main focus was learning CW and operating portable (SOTA & WOTA) on my local fells. I used Wordpress for ages but found it got slower and slower and I just couldn’t be bothered to keep up with the ‘features’ after all its just for (mostly) ham radio stuff. After playing with static site tools for a few weeks recently I started a very steep learning curve with Hugo

No I’m no web developer so that learning curve was really quite steep. The biggest help was a tutorial on the YouTubes

So This site is built using….

  1. VS Code for the editor
  2. The GitHub plugin to be able to publish the site to a GitHub repository
  3. A Netlify acoount to build and publish the site (just like in the video)
  4. The Digital Garden theme. The site is based on a digital garden concept rather than the blog
  5. A lot of tea…I broke stuff a lot, so have content backups

So what’s different?

Its lighter, faster, easily broken :-( but all told better.