I like a bit of 3D printing but sometimes stuff just doesn’t look great when you 3D print it. This happened with my (tr)uSDX case. the side worked out well but the front and bottom panels didn’t, not by a long shot. I wasn’t a fan so thought I’d just cut soem acrylic ones. Nothing more complicated that that.

I don’t have a laser cutter but used to have access to one. Not much cop, so had to go and find one. I came across madebyian and had the panels made up by him. Kind of happy with the outcome if I’m honest and they were very cheap.

Link to the designs on github are here. feel free to pinch and adapt…p.s. I forgot how much I disliked 2D CAD after a decade on 3D CAD :-)

Front panel

Rear panel

I think they look ok. No comments on the toroids please :-)