QCX Case

The QCX TXRX is a small, compact single band CW only transmitter and receiver produced by QRP Labs. The kit is supplied without a case and there are a load of interesting home brew designs kicking about along with a commercial version. I had a Peli 1020 case kicking about that was bought for something else that fits the completed build as the designer intended.

I used it up on the fells like this a couple of times and managed to kill the rig by carelessly putting it away one time. The case is great but it needs an insert to fit the rig in with a bit more care. If this is going to happen then there needs to be a modification or two done to the stock board otherwise it won’t fit. The external components like the knobs, antenna and phones / key are all in the wrong place and need to be put on the front face. Likewise there is very little clearance and the front face components are likely to foul the upper part of the case.

Protoype QCX Front View
Prototype QCX Rear view – note cut out for display

The panel has been designed to fit into the pelicase without too many issues. You’ll be able to see that this is a 3d printed part. This insert is the 3rd iteration that was made with Onshape design tool.

Onshape designed part

All of my designs are ‘public’ on Onshape. You can fork it by clicking on the link.

The prototype fit isn’t perfect, there is a small gap on the width that I should really close, but it actually is useful for the prototyping. Also I used PETG that tends to be a bit stringy. Hence its isn’t spot on yet. As you can see from the image below I hacked the seal a bit and made a complete mess of it. I don’t like it and found that an O Ring isn’t ideal either. Nor is silicone sealant as it needs a domed edge to actually seal. Which isn’t really necessary either.

Notice the poor fit of the seal. Nasty!

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