13cm SOTA

In the spring of 2021 I borrowed an SG Labs 13cm transverter from Andrew, G4VFL.He had convinced me to give it a go and I was amazed that my FT817 would give me such a strong report from the local fell,Dent to Andrews QTH in the nearby Egremont. So I had to go further. Next up was Seatallan and not a sausage. for some reason it wasn’t playing ball. But by that tie I had ordered my own. So, in between lockdowns and working from home I managed to chase Andrew as he activated the GM SS summits. with my own kit.

The initial experiments appeared in Radcom’s microwave column and led me to refining the set up using a Hammond enclosure that had lying about and a few adapters. The enclosure has a part number 1554QGY with external dimensions of 140mm x 140mm x 60mm. You can get them from Rapid but I think this one came from eBay.

OK, so here is the setup.

The box sits on a 3d printed cradle that is connected to a cheapo tripod I got from eBay.

The only real bother is fitting everything in the case. A small amount of dremelling is needed as well as some adjustment to fit the sma bulkhead fitting, but all’s well and it is a nice neat package that will hopefully mean I can maybe, with a fair wind get a set of completes with 13cmon the local Wasdale fells. Yeah right!

In action on Holyhead Mountain Mynydd Twr GW/NW-069

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