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I’ve been involved with STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Maths) work with schools for a long time now. So long in fact that some of the students I started working with found their way into the same organisation I work with and have gone on to do well. Its a bit weird but nice to see 🙂

CanSat is a project set up by the European Space Agency to introduce students to space and designing for space. The mission involves sending a satellite up to around 400m using a model rocket and for a primary mission and secondary mission to be carried out. The Can part is because the satellite has to be no more than 60mm in diameter, 115mm high and weight 350grams. Equal to a 330ml drinks can. Clever idea I thought.

The really interesting part is that the satellites are encouraged to use Raspberry Pi Pico’s, common sensors like the BMP280 and 433Mhz LoRa devices. So it’s got a bit of mechanical design, electrical design & coding. Its almost like a ham radio project! Some of it is pretty challenging, not least is the school I’m supporting is at the other end of the country.

I created a GitHub repo to collect the project information which is pretty empty at the moment, just the transmit and receive code but will expand to be a bit of a reference for me as no doubt I’m forget things

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