1. A clicking noise from a hard disk doesn’t mean anything good.

2. This stack of part finished or finished bu not boxed up projects needs to be dealt with over the Christmas break if not beforehand or the XYL will go bananas.

3. Must not buy any more bits and pieces off Hans Summers, G0UPL (http://www.hanssummers.com/index.php) until I’ve completed all of number 2. Oh apart from the gps and replacement pa’s for my QRSS transmitter.

4. The UKAC contest series is short, enjoyable and keeping me close to a mic but isn’t helping with getting on HF.

5. No matter how much I think they’ve started, there are no builders in the back garden working on the extension. This is all very well as its not costing me anything but it means there is no tower up.


  • D Haines

    You have my complete comprehension of your situation!
    All my plans have gone out of the window for the foreseeable future due to my stepdaughter being made redundant and having nowhere to live thus requiring my missus and I to completely revamp the house to try to find a space to squeeze a 27 year old woman and all her possessions into our home.
    Quart into a pint pot simply doesn’t do it justice.
    All the pieces that are turning up from various recent Ebay purchases are now simply being filed away in “To do when hell freezes over’ boxes….
    Getting on the air/ Whats that then. I have a vague recall of having used the microphone on the desk next to me for something but buggered if I can remember what.
    My Arduino playing about area has gone for gawd knows how long and masses of books and other odds and sodds are having to be relocated to assorted inaccessible places.
    Arkwright Sodd will, of course demand that I need things from that stash with in a day of burying it all ‘securely’….. 🙁
    It’s going to be a bugger of a christmas 🙁

    • Alex

      I need a couple of months off work to get back up to speed. I don’t think the boss will like that though

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