So far this week I have learnt that aligning parts in Google Sketchup isn’t as easy as it is in something like Solidworks. Still for a freebie programme I’m not going to complain.

Progress on the rotator project is slow, mainly because of the usual lack of time. But at least the idea is cemented in my head and now its just a case of doing the mechanical design and then hooking everything up. Below is a rough draft of the proposed Az / El arrangement for the clankies amongst us. I’ll complete the design either myself in a huge amount of hours or, more likely ask one of the CAD jockeys at work to fix it in a matter of seconds.


With this arrangement it should not be complex to either fabricate, buy or 3D print parts to suit. The latter is a preference as then the model can then be used by anyone to get parts made either as laser cut solids or 3D prints.

The main parts will be 2 off nema 17 steppers, gears from actobotics (This may need to be adjusted to slow the steppers down sufficiently) and that nice radio artisan / K3NG chaps code with Anthony, M0UPU’s board.

Onwards and upwards

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